Thursday, June 20, 2019

Death rituals Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Death rituals - Essay ExampleI have seen that the death rituals have remained the aforementioned(prenominal) over the years. These have comprised the gathering of near and dear ones to make sure that the affected family feels that they are not alone in their tough times (Gilbert, 2011). The most family members and friends come up and meet the concerned family and tell them what they thought of the deceased individual. They showcase how good or strong the person was who had passed a expressive style. It implicates for empathy on their part that they ensure the situation and are ready to be a part of the death rituals that the family is undertaking at the present.I believe these death rituals will almost be impossible to diverge as time moves ahead. This has been seen in the recent past when one of my dearest aunties had died. We exhibited the same death rituals that were present at the time of my nieces passing away some 4 years back. The death rituals did not change at all, and t his strengthened my belief that the same steps and processes were going to be followed whenever someone is going to pass away in the family. However, there would be minor amendments within the death rituals as and when required but on the exclusively the basic agenda would more or less be what I experienced at the time of my aunts death. She was close to us and we love her dearly. I noticed that nearly all the women in the family wore white clothes to pay homage to aunts understanding (Hazan, 2004). They sat together, spoke at length about her qualities and the manner under which she used to help people around her. This was quite an enlightening experience for me since I learned that the best way to pay respects was to talk about the deceased itself rather than the worldly events that people usually talk about.The death rituals in my family will always change as and when there is a need but the bottom line remains the same there is immense respect for the person who has died so t hat his/her soul rests in peace. I am

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