Monday, July 29, 2019

Assignment 6 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Assignment 6 - Essay Example The data obtained reveals that learners are gifted differently, and there is a need to attend to them based on their abilities. This provides a platform for teachers to attend to learners with special needs. Necessary assistance would be extended to such learners. Assessing this type of records would be relatively easy with the assistance from subject teachers and administrators of the school. Working closely with parents would help avail necessary documents of previous performance. The author is involved as a principal in a school in Southern Oregon characterized by transition of leadership, where he replaces a principle that left little to be desired. The school has 86% annual student transient rate with a high teacher turnover. Parents’ involvement is low, and all is left to the teachers. The principal aims to turn things around and pull the high-poverty community together. The new principal is keen to realize the key affected areas in his new school. The teachers are alienated in decision-making, and their opinions are overlooked. The learners are not addressed appropriately, and there is a case of multiage grouping. Such a decision affects the overall performance of the learners, in the long run. Cooperative learning is poorly executed leading to a great deal of â€Å"Davids† in the institutions. Another problem is full class inclusion without paying attention to gifted and learners with special needs. The author further realizes that language learning was a mystery topic. With the involvement of teachers, he engages in an action research with an aim to have things work perfectly. He designs a plan to higher new teachers for the school to meet the demands of the learners. The learners would need instructors competent enough to better them. The principal purposes to meet the key parents for their involvement. They would support teachers establish the most conducive environment in the school. He identified requirements in the new

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