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Auteur Theory and Directorial Burlesque Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Auteur Theory and Directorial Burlesque - Essay Example In the domain of cinematic extravaganza directorial role evolves as â€Å"consequential volume of discourse on a ?lm’s director and on consecration itself† (Hicks & Petrova, 2006, p. 180). The emergence of the auteur theory circumscribes around the role of the director in a movie. The auteur theory is actually a way of reading or the appraisal of the films through the indentation of an auteur (author) especially the director. The underlying mechanism of the theory states that quality of a film centers around the director as author. The paper will deal with the crux of the auteur theory with reference to a reputed director of Hollywood, M. Night Syamalan and his great works in the field of cinema. Auteur theory Developments and the proponents Historically, the notion of the authorship developed the essence of a secluded individual working fervently for the creation of the bodies of art. As for example the characters in Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge, there have been a perfect permeation of the romantic stereotype of the tortured Bohemian artist. The term auteur is basically a French word and the word prefixed with it i.e, ‘auoto’ means one. ... In one of the two comparative popular history texts of the recent origin, Nowell-Smith, Sarris and Bogdanovitchare are mentioned. In 2004, the ISI Web of Science Citation Indexes for the arts and the social sciences figured out that Sarris, The American Cinema was cited around 100 times while on the other hand, Truffaut’s phenomenal ‘Politiques des auteurs’ was only cited 12 times (Hicks & Petrova, 2006, p.184). . The notion of the theory The theme of the theory conjectures upon the fact that the director of a film with his or her personal influences and artistic control over their films are so immense and charismatic that the director may be regarded as the their author and their films are recognized collectively as cluster of work sharing common notion or the ambience spread expresses the rigid predominance of the an individual’s style or vision (Auteur Theory, n.d., p. 3). The theory finds its roots of development of the influential essay written by Fran cois Truffaut in Cahiers du Cinema in 1954. The auteur theory differs from the straightforward theory of directors which could be found from Ian Cameron’s article â€Å"Films, Directors, and Critics†, in Movie of September, 1962 where the comment he made goes as follows: â€Å"The assumptions that underlies all the writing in the Movie is that the director is the author of the film, the person who gives it any distinctive quality. The significant premise on which the theory stands is the distinguishable personality of the director as a criterion of the value. Over through a wide array of films, the director wills exposit certain characteristics of style which will be represented as the signature of the director. The way in which the storyline of the movie flows largely depends on the thinking and

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