Monday, October 7, 2019

Transformational leader Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Transformational leader - Essay Example Sadaffe Abid possesses leadership characteristics and qualities that make her transformational. For instance, Sadaffe is an inspiration to her followers and other women when she empowers them using her own beliefs and strength. Sadaffe conducts leadership training where she focuses on developing high-potential female professionals and entrepreneurs and emerging talent (Hill, 2014). Moreover, Sadaffe has immense charisma that propels other women to follow her (Bennett, 2015). For instance, she co-founded the Buksh Foundation that encouraged Pakistani women and micro entrepreneurs to access financial services (Hill, 2014). She is also visionary in that she grew the Kashf Foundation from a pilot project to a large micro finance serving more than 300,000 female clients in Pakistan (Hill, 2014). She was able to articulate the micro finance vision that Pakistani women can identify with and later became the CEO of the foundation. As a consultant with Transformational Leadership Inc. business experience, and teaching experience in Adaptive Leadership, Sadaffe has the capacity to conducts leadership development trainings focusing on potential women professionals and entrepreneurs in the Middle East (Hill, 2014). More so, as a Consultant to the International Finance Corporation for institution building and gender diversity, she inspires women to do their best (Hill, 201 4). Sadaffe makes her decisions based on her entrepreneurial experience, knowledge on transformational leadership, and the need for institution building, gender diversity, achieving high-potential female professionals (Hill, 2014). Sadaffe has led a group of Pakistani women through change. She transformed Kashf Foundation from a pilot project to a large microfinance institution that allowed about 300,000 Pakistani women to access micro-loans (Hill, 2014). The initiative transformed women from poor slum dwellers to small entrepreneurs who operate grocery stores and make ornaments

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