Monday, August 19, 2019

All People are Equal Within the World of Work Essay -- Papers

All People are Equal Within the World of Work I do not agree with the statement at all, allthough in a right normal world of work, it should be true. Many people often judge people by thier appearence, or past experience. It could be anything, discriminating someone is easilly done. And its often simple things like hair styles or piercings, disability or gender than can stop you from working where you want to. With nearly all jobs these days; you'll have to fill out an application form, which can be a nightmare to many people. But no just for things like trying to remember their old school grades or when they left school, its often because they have something they feel will jeapordise thier employment chances. Criminal records is a good one. In companies or bussiness' these days, they will ask if you have a spent or unspent conviction. Spent means that its been a certain while since your conviction, unspent being the opposite. Some places feel that if you havent 'spent' your conviction, (meaning you havent 'changed'...

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