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Develop Quality Management Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Develop Quality Management Project - Essay Example Project planning is a subset of overall business planning. As Haus (2011, p. 1) states, â€Å"a project management plan is the planning document, capturing the entire project end-to-end, covering all project phases, from initiation through planning, execution and closure†. In project planning, managers define the set of goals and objectives, the results they want to accomplish, and the processes that will take place to reach the results. Along with this, managers also take an estimate of the tools and resources required to complete the project. Project planning in water desalination companies is not an easy task, as it requires a complete synchronization between different business activities. Some of the main steps involved in project planning include defining the approach, sequencing the tasks to be performed, defining dependency between tasks, estimating budget and resources, identifying the tools and techniques required to complete the project, identifying the risks, taking actions to minimize the risks, and ensuring and controlling quality of processes. In this paper, the company will present a project plan for a water desalination company as per PMBOK framework. 2. What Is Water Desalination? According to Duan (2012), desalination means to make seawater free of contaminants and salt. Water desalination refers to the process of removing salts and other minerals from seawater to make it useable for humans. Seawater is not in a form suitable for humans as it contains salt that affects metabolism and causes hallucinations, nausea, and vomiting. Along with salt, seawater also contains aluminum, iodine, potassium, bromine, and substances released from seawater organisms (Underwood n.d.). Therefore, water desalination companies purify seawater in order to bring it in use of humans without any harmful effect. There are different levels of saline in seawater that have the tendency to affect human body, as well as the cost of water treatment. Scientists measu re the level of saline in parts per million (ppm). Seawater usually contains big amount of salt that ranges from 35,000 ppm to 150,000 ppm and even more. As Aintablian (2011, p. 1) states, â€Å"the more concentrated saline is in a body of water, the more energy and effort it takes to desalinize it†. Human beings can only use water which has the saline level of less than 1000 ppm. Such water is also considered safe to use for household and agricultural purposes. Therefore, companies use a number of effective water desalination methods to purify seawater. The water desalination unit deals with the purification of seawater using effective water treatement methods. Some of the famous water desalination methods include reverse osmosis, forward osmosis, electrodialysis, thermal desalination, multistage flash distillation, and multiple effect distillation. Let us now develop a project management plan for the water desalination unit of a water treatment company. 3. Name of the Compa ny The name of the company for which the project management plan will be developed is Crystal Water Company. The company deals with two key water treatment areas, which include wastewater treatment and water desalination. In this paper, the focus will be on the preparation a project plan for the water desalination area. 3. Plans To Be Included In this paper, the company will cover four key areas of project planning which include quality management plan, human resource management plan,

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