Saturday, August 24, 2019

Organizational Change Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Organizational Change - Assignment Example Company Overview: R.R. Donnelley, one of the largest printing companies in the world, is based in the United States of America. The company, which is listed in the NASDAQ: RRD, is regarded as the global provider of different integrated communications as well as printing services. The company is working collaboratively and collectively with more than almost 60,000 customers across the world for the purpose of developing different solutions in respect to custom communications. These solutions are reducing costs of the production of the company, driving top line growth in favor of the company and also are enhancing research and development and are also ensuring observance. Drawing on the range of proprietary as well as commercially accessible digital and different conventional technologies organized across four continents, R.R. Donnelley & Sons employs a group of leading â€Å"Internet based capabilities† as well as other resources. These resources are applied for the purpose of providing â€Å"pre-media, printing, logistics and business process outsourcing services† to different clients in practically every private as well as public sector around the world (About Us, 2012). Diagnosis: There are various needs or requirements for organizational changes which are conducted in different business organizations across the globe. One of the most important factors which emerge as constant in different business organizations today is organizational change. Undeniably, the organization’s ability or capacity to deal with different changes gives the company a competitive advantage in the market. Organizational learning and changes have been identified as one of the most significant methods for making certain the success of different continual changes made in organizations. Researchers, however, do not deal with various emotional implications in respect to the changes which are made in various business organizations across the globe. Large number of resea rchers, in their articles, has shown the advancements in regard to the proposal that organizational changes are inherently emotional as well as produce wide ranges of emotions and/or feelings in individuals and in organizations during these organizational change which require micro-level as well as macro-level management. Large number of researchers has also pointed out the emotional aspects in respect to dealing with these organizational changes. In general, these researchers have identified the fact that emotional consequences of those organizational changes, however, there exists small research available, which identifies the fact that emotional skills are needed to successfully manage these organizational changes (Jordon, n.d., 456). Organizational changes which are required by the company R.R. Donnelley are mainly related to those organizational changes which are made for the overall improvement of the organization. These changes are required to be made on the ground of the fac t that the business organization is needed to be made more and more effective in respect to developments of the working environments and also in respect to the overall growth of the organization. In this context the changes are needed because Understanding the degree of staff commitment is expected to assist the business organization under consideration in selecting the most efficient working force

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