Monday, August 12, 2019

Globalisation of Logistics Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Globalisation of Logistics - Assignment Example By accessing such resources, businesses operating across nations find it easier to price their products and services at favorable prices enabling them to attract and sustain their market share. Additionally, this enables them open up their businesses to broad markers where people have disposable income to spend on various kinds of goods and services. In the wake of globalization, another important feature evident in business activities is increased communications technology, which has spread across different parts on the face of the earth. This has in fact allowed campaigns in international marketing to be effectively coordinated from domestic databases. The mobile phone technology and internet revolution has played an important role in opening new international industries to an endless potential for opportunity (Venkateswaran 2012, p. 78). It is important to realize that globalization has greatly influenced the manner in which people shop. Customers now have a wide potential of goods and services to choose from, having the ability to shop from any place on the globe, something that has produced huge dynamism in tastes and preferences. Following this development, multinational companies have been looking doe better global strategies they can use in creating and sustaining their market share. This paper examines the concept of creation of effective global strategies that these companies can use in the process of creating competitive advantages in the highly globalised business environment. In the wake of globalization, multinational enterprises are faced with the need to formulate and implement an effective global strategy they can rely on in doing business effectively across many countries on the globe (Frear, Metcalf & Alguire 1992, p. 9). These businesses have realized the advantage that comes with a strategy, which effectively correspond to the changing business

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