Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Affects mandkind cause to the environment Research Paper

Affects mandkind cause to the environment - Research Paper Example As the human race evolved, they began to take footsteps towards the technology utilizing the environmental aspects and natural belongings. Impact of the human activity on the environment is worse than estimated.The green house gas emissions from the power generation plants and other similar production units made the environment that is less capable of adapting the change. The emissions from the cars and vehicles presented a huge danger to the environment. With the advancement in the technology, the amount of emission increased as the technology enhanced. Every sources that human life depends on, is polluted by humans. Air and water pollution are considered as the major affects of human activity. On the other hand, the cutting down of the forests boosted the emissions, as trees and plants are the biggest source of natural production of oxygen and consumer of carbon dioxide, which is a major portion of green house emissions. The environment is much affected by the human activity. The c arbon emissions, produced by vehicles and industries, in combinations with the water vapors suspend in the atmosphere and allow solar heat to enter the atmosphere but restrict it from going back to the space at night. This process gradually increases the temperature of the earth. The process is named as green house effect. According to an investigation, it is estimated that the temperature of the world has risen 1 degree averagely due to the impact of emissions from the factories and cars. ... The bio diversity of the planet depends on the balance that is breached by the human activity. The importance of the marine life can never be neglected, as marine plants play an important role in maintaining the oxygen level into the atmosphere. Moreover, the edible fish species are one of the biggest sources of food for the humans. On the other hand, the mangrove forests that take its essential food from the oceans and seas play an important role in producing and maintain oxygen in the atmosphere. The recent human activity like pouring the wastes into the sea and oceans is depleting the mangrove forests. Direct cutting of the forests is another perspective of human activity. The cutting of the forests for attaining the wood for construction and burning purposes is considered as the huge impact of human activity. Trees and forests are the source of producing the oxygen into the atmosphere (Harrison, p66-79). Less number of trees directly influences the level of oxygen in the atmosphe re. The less the atmosphere has oxygen, the more the air will carry the harmful gases that are dangerous for the human life. Irrespective of the health risk, lack of oxygen will impact the existence of certain species that are good for the planet. The need of time is to limit the cutting of the forests. To fulfill the needs of the wood, utilization the alternate and composite materials instead of wood should be preferred (Mac-Kinney & Schoch, p23-79). If wood must be utilized for any purpose, the wood should come from the sustainably managed forests or form the designated wood farms. Such wood types that are easier to grow and that have fast growth like bamboo should be utilized to provide the

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