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American literature Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

American literature - Essay Example A few poems in which she extensively talks about this theme include â€Å"As I Could not Stop for Death†, â€Å"I died for Beauty—but was scarce†, â€Å"I’ve seen a dying eye†, â€Å"Delayed till in its vest of snow† and â€Å"Safe in Their Alabaster Chambers†. Firstly it is interesting to note the manner in which the poet selects the titles although Emily Dickenson did not give proper titles to her poem yet the first line of every poem is very enlightening and comprises of the gist of each poem hence giving the readers a hint about the context of every poem. Although some of her poems do not follow a set rhyme pattern yet there is a lyrical quality to her diction as the use of simple words and mostly the use of long dashes keeps the flow of words very smooth and flowing. While in the other poems it is observed that the most common rhyme scheme ABCD, ABCB and ABCDDE. It is observed that for Dickenson poetry was a mode of introspection and a form of catharsis consequently her verses provides the reader with a chance to explore the various phenomena of life from the poet’s perspective. ... ?I’ve Seen a Dying Eye† is a depiction of the last few minutes of a person’s life on death bed and this can poem can be perceived as a grotesque explication of the manner in which the light of life leaves the human body when the soul departs for eternity. In her poem â€Å"I Died for Beauty but was Scarce† Emily Dickenson depicts the finality of death. Although she presents a beautiful idea of unification or oneness of Beauty and truth yet it also reiterates the all-consuming power of death which smothers not only an individual’s life but also takes away all emotions, worries and hopes. â€Å"Safe in Their Alabaster Chambers† again deals with the theme of death and the serenity, peace and quiet that is associated with death. Here the purpose of the poem is to explain death as the ultimate escape from the hardships or miseries of this world. Moreover death is also defined as a means of attaining redemption for all the sins that human beings hav e committed. While â€Å"Delayed till she had ceased to know† the poet reiterates the longing for the past and the excitement for the future i.e. death. However it is the present that the poet is worried about because the present holds no attraction and offers no incentive to live. The most prevalent theme in these poems is the theme of death. This theme also has a lot of autobiographical significance in Dickinson’s works. As Dietrich also believes that, Dickinson’s attitude towards dying is at times ambivalent and shifts from denial to acceptance and finally embracement a large number of her poems deal with man’s inability to accept the reality of death and the confusion and disbelief that he experiences in its presence† (3). Consequently, in these poems the manner in which the poet deals with death is very

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