Thursday, November 14, 2019

My Educational Goals and Philosophy Statement Essay example -- Philoso

My Educational Goals and Philosophy Education is the foundation of today's society. Without it, there is no future. Every other career begins on that first day of kindergarten, when a nervous student stumbles into the classroom and finds a chair in the corner of the room. At that moment, a teacher plays a pivotal role in the child's fate. If they are successful in making the child feel comfortable, they can nurture the student's desire to learn. If they are not successful, they may hinder this pursuit. Education has two major, seemingly contradictory, purposes. First, it transmits a country's culture to the next generation. Secondly, it gives societies a vehicle for changing the culture. I believe that it is essential for students to come into contact with their peers and with adults of similar and different backgrounds. This promotes tolerance and growth. Teachers should instill values in their students. They have an amazing opportunity to make an investment in the future. However, sometimes learning comes best through interaction with people of the same age. By befriending students of different races and economic statuses, children can recognize the differences and similarities between them and learn to accept and even appreciate each other for these. If society has veered down the wrong path, this social interaction between students can have tremendous rectifying powers. If students are taught to hate people of a certain color, religion, sexual orientation, etc., being around people with these characteristics, with no way to avoid them, can show students that the ideas that they have been taught may be misconceptions. Students then have the power to disagree with this hatred and contribute that to ... ...l immediately. Here, I will test my views. Eventually, I hope to continue my education by pursuing a Master Degree. I am also interested in teaching at the collegiate level at some point in my career. Whatever level I end up on, I hope to have a positive effect on the lives I come into contact with. I believe teaching is such a fulfilling career because everyday educators have the opportunity to change a child for the better. Giving students a well-rounded education, focusing on traditional subjects, which all other fields stem from, will enable the world to continue advancing and change with the times. Part of a well-rounded education also includes evoking positive interactions between people of different backgrounds. I believe that a teacher who strives to accomplish these goals has done more than fulfilled their job requirements. They have become a hero.

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