Sunday, November 3, 2019

Concept Engineering, Advanced Research, Air Traffic Flow Management, C Essay

Concept Engineering, Advanced Research, Air Traffic Flow Management, Collaborative Decision Making - Essay Example A single delayed flight causes the company additional couriers, increased employee overtime & time of business operation that would mean an added compensation and cost of operation such as fuel, electricity etc. Also, the disrupted logistic process caused by a delayed flight would cost the company to pay high package delay fees (Metron Aviation - FedEx., n.d.). FedEx partnering with NASA that provides it with direct access and control of data from a collection of legacy systems was able to increase its efficiency and effectiveness in doing the business as it reduced delays by the integrated aircraft track and flight data from the airport feed and surveillance. With this, they would be prompted 30 minutes in advance an arrival or a possible delay which allowed them to make significant decisions to still make a delivery on time (Metron Aviation - FedEx., n.d.). IT services that would not be merely dependent on aviation and IT systems with real-time analytic applications, instead of being dependent on disk storage systems would be best for FedEx to have. Some of which that would make it possible would be the EMC Greenplum Platform and database appliances from Teradata. Aside from which, sensors such as the new SensaWare service that involves the application of active sensors inside packages that contain high-value merchandise would be able to skip the scanning process that would take time, instead would send out telemetry data that would cover the speed of the package’s travel, would help in tracking the item, and possible rerouting if needed (Vizard, M., n.d.).

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